Xmigrate.Cloud is an opensource cloud migration tool which helps in migrating servers from anywhere to AWS, Azure or GCP.

In this session we will demonstrate how we can use this tool to migrate a server deployed in Azure to AWS. We will run a WordPress application in Azure server and we will be migrating that to AWS using xmigrate.

Live Session Recording

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About the Speakers 

Vishnu KS
Founder at Xmigrate.cloud

I has worn every hat possible throughout my career in tech, and enjoys leadership/engineering roles focused on making things happen and shipping software.

My major contribution is towards making cloud agnostic solutions. I have helped many customers in there digital transformation journey by helping them in modernizing there application, delivery process and infrastructure. Xmigrate is an idea born from the interactions with customers who needed to make there application platform cloud agnostic. 


Faizal Khan
Founder & CEO at Ecomm.in & Xite Logic
AWS Community HERO

Faizal is a tech entrepreneur, currently Founder & CEO at Ecomm.in and Xite Logic. Both born in the cloud startups that guides organizations with digital transformation into the AWS cloud, e-commerce platform solutions, and Community management & engagement platforms.

Faizal is an ardent contributor to the AWS community. As Organizer of the AWS Hyderabad User Group, he helped organize AWS Hackathons, AWS meetups, re:invent recaps, webinars, and AWS certification bootcamps. He is also a speaker at many of these events covering Networking, IoT, Storage & Compute. His VPC Masterclass on YouTube has garnered about half million views. He also built an AWS QnA discussion forum for the community. He was a core organizing member and host for the AWS Community Day South Asia 2021 Online, which attracted over 24K viewers. He was part of the AWS Community Builder program since 2020. In 2022, he achieved AWS Community HERO status.

Faizal uses his free time tinkering with electronics and 3D printing to prototype and building solutions based on IoT tech. He is a fan of Formula1 and recently launched his line of F1 merchandise under the brand RacerParrot.