AWS Generative AI & AWS Security

As generative AI takes over whole industries, learn how you can use GenAI tools on AWS to accelerate your  application development. Also, learn how to prevent cyber intrusion into your environments using security tools on AWS.

Leveraging Amazon CodeWhisperer to Implement FastAPI Python application

Speaker: Pavan Kumar Rao, Solutions Architect, AWS India

In this session we will discuss the Generative AI services on AWS and do a live demo of how to implement a FastAPI python based REST API with the help of GenAI coding companion Amazon CodeWhisperer. We will learn how to prompt and accept suggestions from Amazon CodeWhisperer during our development journey. We will also quickly cover how to add unit tests for code coverage.

AWS to the Rescue: Smashing the Intrusion Kill Chain

Speaker: Rahul Pandey, Security Analyst, Alacriti Payments

In this talk, titled “AWS to the Rescue: Smashing the Intrusion Kill Chain,” we will delve into the world of intrusion kill chain, which hackers use to exploit servers and applications.

We will cover all the phases of this process, from initial reconnaissance to data exfiltration, and explore ways to defend against each one. Specifically, we will focus on how AWS can help us break the intrusion kill chain by providing a range of services that address each phase of the process. These services include AWS WAF for protecting against web exploits, GuardDuty for threat detection and monitoring, VPC for creating private networks and controlling traffic, Config for monitoring and recording resource configurations, IAM for access management and identity services, Secrets Manager for storing and rotating secret data, and partner offerings for additional security solutions and consulting services. By leveraging AWS’s comprehensive suite of security features, we can detect and respond to threats more quickly and effectively, and ultimately better protect our applications and data from malicious attacks.

Location : EPAM, Salarpuria Sattva Knowledge City, HITEC City

Important Entry Information: You will have to register at the below link and provide your contact information. Security at the location will allow entry to only those on the list. Registration must be completed before 12AM on 28/07/2023.

Please ensure reach the location 15 mins prior to event to complete entry formalities.